Thursday, 14 May 2009

Robin Hood – A Dangerous Deal Ep 9/12

Thanks to Anna for sending me this link. The BBC website has a press office section and they post a lot of info on upcoming shows. They have a long description of the episode of Robin Hood due to be shown on Saturday 30 May. I've included the first bit as it's very interesting however I've omitted the rest as it gives a lot away.

Robin Hood – A Dangerous Deal

Robin Hood asks why Isabella has made a pact with the devil, otherwise known as Prince John, and accepted his patronage to become the new Sheriff Of Nottingham, as the medieval adventure with a modern twist continues.

Defiant Isabella insists she works for herself and intends to be the best Sheriff of Nottingham that England has ever known.

Isabella as the Shefiff! I didn't see that coming!

You can read the full description of episode 9 at this link, but beware of spoilers...

The description of episode 8 can be found here...