Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lara Pulver in Robin Hood Episode 3.08

After a missing a week due to Eurovision it's nice to have robin Hood back on a Saturday night. In this episode Prince John is a bit impatient for a coronation so produces a waxwork of the "dead" king. Most of the episode revolves around Robin and his chums trying to get the fake body and then the crown to prevent the coronation from happening.

Also this week Isabella hears of an opening for the position of Sheriff and is trying to get the job. She captures her brother to sweeten the deal but it all goes a bit wrong when he escapes. Never mind, she gets back in the prince's good books by throwing herself between the prince an arrow aimed at him.

As usual Toby Stephens excels at the vain prince. His call of "do you LOVE me?!" to the crowd is worth this week's share of the licence fee alone.

And as usual I am smitten by Lara Pulver as Isabella. She's really very good.

Here are a bunch of screen-grab type images of Lara. And as a bonus for the ladies there's a glimpse of Richard Armitage about halfway down the page.