Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lucy Liemann in Reggie Perrin Episode 2

Episode 2 of the BBC's new Reggie Perrin was on last night. It was moderately entertaining in that "I didn't actually laugh out loud but almost smirked occasionally" kind of way.

The studio audience do need to be calmed down a little bit, although some of Reggie's fantasy moments are potentially funny.

I wouldn't go near the thing if Lucy Liemann wasn't in it. Fortunately she had a little more screen time this week so here are some screen grab type images to enjoy

First of all here is Reggie's computer screen. I do hope the BBC creates a Jasmine screen saver and puts it on their website. Who do we write to?

A water cooler moment. How are you finding your feet?

Later in her office to talk about the stubble conference.

Just before Reggie kisses her...

... and just after!